Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I cannot prove for a fact that I got banned from the Geeks group on Propeller for posting a link to Sarah Palin Facts, a nonpartisan humor site that offers fake facts about Sarah Palin, along the same lines as the Chuck Norris Little Known Facts (e.g., "Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience"). Even if it was a totally political story, there is NOTHING on the group page that says you can't post political stories to the group. It's possible that there's something in an FAQ somewhere, but I certainly didn't find anything in a cursory looking-over.

It's also possible that there was a technical glitch or something that caused me to be booted without warning, comment, or explanation from the Geeks group, and that I wasn't banned. I suppose I could check with the group owners, but if it wasn't a mistake and I really was deleted from a group that I've submitted several other completely non-political items to—items that have been propped by several other members, including at least one of the group's owners—after one infraction that I didn't know about... well, that would just make me really mad. I'd rather not know.

So instead of trying to get to the bottom of it, I deleted my Propeller account, because frankly, I just wasn't getting that much out of it, and it was taking too much time to wade through the crap to get to the good stuff (and there is some good stuff). There's WAAAAAAYYYYY too much spam disguised as stories, and even in the posted stories there are far too many idiots commenting. Also, as far as I can tell, on Propeller you can't follow someone's posted stories and comments, which would be a really useful feature for the 95% of us who aren't stalking another member (and probably even MORE useful for those who are!). There's no page or even a sidebar that lists the stories that have been posted to my groups; I have to go into each group individually every time I want to see if anything has been posted to it.

I think Propeller is a pretty good idea, and it doesn't completely turn me off like some sites with similar models (say, Slashdot or Digg), but overall, it's just not there yet. Maybe I'll try it again in a year or so.

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